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Why should I have writing friends?

Updated: May 12 writing journey has been a long one. (I say that as I'm only a young teen XD) When I first started writing I wasn't that motivated and honestly, I wasn't that good at it. It wasn't until I found a writing friend, that I became obsessed with writing. And I know some of you might be on your own with no friends who share your passion or care about your stories. So these are a few reasons, why you should have writing friends.


You have people who actually care

So um... yeah I totally haven't annoyed and bored my friends by talking about my stories. (Nope totally haven't done that) It turns out that most people don't care that much about non existing people.

When you're talking about your story you might find that people are asleep (Not because your story is boring or bad) Just because they don't really understand (no offense non-writers). But when you're talking to another writer, chances are they're actually listening.

Sharing your writing!!

I usually share my writing with at least one friend but most of the time it's with way more. Sometimes I even share scenes on KP (Kingdom Pen). When you let others see your work you get helpful feedback and advice.

People understand your struggles

When you tell people you're having trouble with worldbuilding or emotional scenes, most people won't know how to help you, but other writers will. When you have people you can relate with and get advice from your writing will improve.

Where do I find these people?

The first thing you can do is look around your community like your youth group or school. Or KP (Kingdom Pen) or The Young Writers Workshop are great places to find people who share your love of writing. Or if you're like me you can go overboard and just start a whole blog. XD You're not alone in your writing, and there are plenty of people like you who also need a writing friend.

Thanks for reading!

Do you have writing friends? Are you a part of a community? How has it helped you?

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