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What's Their Name? Filled Out

Updated: Apr 10

This post will be posted at the same time as the original Tag but I of course had to do it too. (: Here are the rules of the tag.


1. Don't take other people's words or ideas

2. Make sure the story is kid-friendly

3. Don't be mean or bully others with your post

4. Fill out the questions as the characters were at the beginning of the book

5. You can tag up to seven bloggers

6. make sure to email when you complete the tag

Alright let's get into this


1. What's their name? Sara

2. What's their role? (Sidekick, Main Character, Villain, etc) One of the main characters

3. Do they love anyone? No

4. Do they have any relatives? No

5. Inspiration for the character? Hmm I guess Will Hawkins from "A Week Away"

6. Backstory? Sare goes through the foster system saying goodbye to a lot of families. Sara finally decides to be independent and shield herself from the pain but when she goes to camp Aweegaway everything changes for her. she finds peace in Jesus and her family in Will.

7. dream? fears? she fears the pain of saying goodbye and dreams of feeling loved

8. Friends? Avery, Christy, Sean, George, Will, Pressley, and Aidan

9. What is the story's name? A Summer Away

10. Blurb of the story?

Will Hawkins is thrust into another adventure at Camp Aweegaway, except this time for the whole Summer. Joined by his best friends, Avery, George, Presley, and Sean, Will becomes a camp counselor, which brings on a whole new set of problems. When Will continues to struggle to accept Jesus, Avery questions their relationship. Meanwhile, Will struggles to be a role model to a stubborn girl named Sara who is dealing with the hurt of saying goodbye. Can God be the answer for both of them? A collaboration continuing the story of the Netflix film A Week Away, this summer adventure story is filled with faith, friendship, and fun. This is a collaboration project by Annabelle Batie and Miley Simmonds.

11. What are their habits? She runs away a lot and tries to avoid others

12. random fact about them? She likes to read

13. personality? Stubborn independent and Sweet

14. hobbies? Singing

15. Inspiration for the story? Me and my friend Annabelle were anxiously waiting for the sequel to "A Week Away" but with no news of sequel, we decided to write our own in book form. Also, my small group at my youth group gave me a lot of inspiration.

16. Anything else? Sara has long brown hair and green eyes. She looks to Will Hawkins for a role model but pushes him away because of the fear of saying goodbye.

Now it's your turn!

Here is the link to the blank template so go try it out yourself.

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