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How to pull off these popular romance arcs

Updated: Jun 4

Cliches are usually considered a bad thing in writing, but it's important to remember that popular arcs are popular for a reason. So here are some popular romance tropes, and how to pull them off.

#1 - Love Triangle

We've all seen it and we all love it. But what makes this arc so popular? Probably the way it makes you pick sides to the point where you argue with your best friend about which one is better for he/she.

To pull off a love triangle you want both characters that he/she has to pick, to have faults and good qualities. You also want to play those heartstrings to bring out emotions.

#2 - Enemies to a couple

This one is one of my favorites, but there are two different versions of it.

There's the hallmark version, where they aren't really enemies they're just people who don't get along XD.

And then there's the villain and the hero falling in love which I prefer.

Either way is a good story, but it's important not to make the relationship seem toxic. It's one thing when the Villain has done some terrible things but it's another when the villain is almost abusive in a relationship. Because that's not healthy or romantic.

#3 - Bestfriends to a couple

I love this Trope so much!! It's always sweet and it makes sense. It's not love at first sight like we see so often, but it takes a while to grow and form a relationship and that's more realistic.

Usually in these stories, one of the friends wants to make it a relationship, whereas the other one just wants to be friends. Truthfully though, this isn't how it always plays out, and it really depends on your characters.

#4 - Love at first sight.

This is the most believable right guys? *Crickets chirping* Okay so maybe not, but it's still a trope that never gets old.

Just don't make it too quick, a kiss after your first meet might not be very realistic. In fact, it's a little corny. (then again aren't most love stories XD) You still want the relationship to be natural, and you don't want to make it too quick.

Thanks for Reading!

I hope you liked this post and found some of it helpful.

What's your favorite romance trope? What's something you've learned about writing romance?

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