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5 Tips for Writing Struggling Characters

Updated: May 19

How many tears have you shed when reading a book? If you're like me probably many XD. But how do you make people cry with your books? And I'm not talking about death but instead, a character that's struggling enough to make you cry. Now that's an impactful character. So here are some sad character tips for writing, but read until the end to see one other tip for writing a sad story.

Tip #1 - Create a Sad Backstory

Did they lose someone? Do they blame themselves? Or maybe they were abused or hurt. the truth is everyone has a backstory some better than others, but the backstory is the start of the character's story and sense the beginning is just as important as the end it's a crucial part of writing.

Tip #2 - How does that affect them now?

How does their backstory change how they react? I know that my characters have trouble trusting people because of their past. Do the characters make any decisions that change the plot of the book, because of their past? How can the characters move on from their past? It's important to think about this when you're writing a struggling character.

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." Romans 12:12

Tip #3 - Physical Pain

Even though I'm more of an emotional writer, I can still see the need for physical pain, and how it can point to the emotional struggle. Scars and bruises can reflect one's misery and can really make a character.

Tip #4 - Emotional Pain

This is by far my favorite tip. We've all had a bruise or two, but the truth is a broken heart is much worst. And if you can show that pain in your writing, then your readers are going to be moved. A book that makes me cry is a good book, in my opinion. Remember your characters should be real and their pain should be real, and how they react should be real.

Tip #5 - Don't end sad

If you're writing a series, ending emotionally might not be a bad thing, but you really shouldn't end a character's progression sad. Redemption is powerful, and a good writer can make a sad story end happily.

Thanks for reading!

What's your most emotional character? What's their struggle?

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